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Zurich Airport Tour

Are you eager to get behind the scenes and learn how Zurich Airport works? Then join us for the guided two-hour tour of Zurich Airport and learn of the different procedures that ensure your[…]

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PolyEfair the virtual career fair of ETH Zurich 31.03.2022

Register now for free on Are you currently looking for a job or want to explore potential future career pathways? poly-E-fair: the virtual career fair of ETH Zurich lets[…]

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Meet life sciences PhDs who went into consulting 16.03.2022 18:00

Organized by D-BSSE, this event will bring together D-HEST, D-BIOL and D-BSSE. We will hear from and discuss with three life science PhDs working in consulting at BCG in the[…]

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Take Care: Art and Medicine Saturday April 23rd, 2022, 10:30 to 11:30

Join us for a visit to the Kunsthaus Zürich on April 23rd, 2022 to see the exhibition “Take Care: Art and Medicine”.  Discuss how the exhibition relates to your work[…]

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Filmmaking for Scientists

Our second workshop in the “Science Communication Workshop Series” was “Filmmaking for Scientists” which aimed to teach the basics of filmmaking theory (scriptwriting, storyboarding) and practice (working with camera, light,[…]

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Storytelling & Storyboarding Science

Social, Scientific & Professional Development Events: For our recently joined members who had only a few opportunities to meet other people due to ongoing pandemic, this year we first organized[…]

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Join the next HAS general assembly 3.2.2022 at 18:00!

New in HAS: In our General Assembly in 2021, HAS aimed to advance its functioning and changed its board structure from the “only chair and treasurer” positions to the new[…]

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Symposium on Supervision for Scientific Success

HAS Symposium’19 Speakers and the Organization Team after the Symposium’19 Supervision for Scientific Success (from left to right): Prof. Dr. M. Hall,  Dr. Olivier Lambercy (HAS treasurer), Dilara Perver (HAS[…]

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