HAS works together with AVETH to provide the best possible counselling

Completely confidential! We will do what we can to help and can point you towards specialist contacts within or outside ETH when necessary!

What do you need? Help or Information

As Rector of ETH Zürich since 2015, I am aware that a great many doctoral candidates and post-doctoral fellows contribute to delivering research of outstanding quality at our institution. In doing so, some may encounter obstacles along the way, perhaps feeling as if they are swimming through rough and turbulent waters. The dedication of the AVETH Counselling Team in offering competent assistance in any difficult times, is akin to that of a lighthouse, giving much needed guidance, hope and reassurance. I am happy to express my support and endorsement for this programme, which is run by a committed team of volunteers. I encourage those in need of a chat or some advice, not to wait, and to seek help without delay. Prof. Dr. Sarah M. Springman

1985: London-Paris Triathlon Relay 1st swimming, Sarah Springman, at 5.30am 13 °C.