Department Associations

HAS is part of AVETH

HAS is the association of scientific staff at D-HEST, the department of health sciences and technology of ETH Zürich. HAS is part of AVETH, the academic association for the scientific staff at ETH.  AVETH is organized in 18 sub-associations in all departments at ETHZ. They form an important part of the AVETH family, represent scientific staff in their respective department (e.g., in the department conference) and organize department-specific events. Below you can find brief contact information of all of them.

D-ARCH aaa

D-BAUG asb

D-BSSE vmb

D-INFK vmi

D-ITET vmitet

D-MAVT avmavt

D-MATL sam

D-BIOL amb

D-CHAB psa

D-CHAB vac

D-MATH vmm

D-PHYS amp

D-ERDW vame

D-USYS vmusys

D-HEST has


D-GESS asst

AsETH (Association of Scientific Staff Singapore-ETH)