Join the next HAS general assembly 3.2.2022 at 18:00!

Join the next HAS general assembly 3.2.2022 at 18:00!

New in HAS: In our General Assembly in 2021, HAS aimed to advance its functioning and changed its board structure from the “only chair and treasurer” positions to the new “president, vice president, secretary, and four main team-leads and member positions for events, finances, communication, and counselling”. In the upcoming general assembly on 3.2.2022 Thursday at 18:00 (zoom ID: 990 190 9909), we will be searching for new team members for almost all of the positions above. Please email us at to learn more about the vacant positions and join the HAS team!

We are the official scientific staff association of the Department of Health Science and Technology (D-HEST) representing all non-faculty academic staff including doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, senior scientists, and teaching and research assistants within D-HEST. Our main objectives are

  • to ensure equal representation of our members in the department conferences (DK), study commissions (UK), and selection committees for open faculty positions, and
  • to promote interaction between its diverse scientific members, who work all over Zurich: from Hönggerberg, Schwerzenbach, Irchel, and Zentrum campuses to Balgrist, Psychiatry, and University Hospitals.

Politics: Improving the supervision of doctoral students has been our focus since 2018. In 2021, we continued to improve Ph.D. supervision practices in D-HEST by representing Ph.D. students’ views on HEST-DKs. We provided written statements about 1st and 2nd consultation processes of the ETH’s “New Ordinance on Doctoral Studies” as well as to their “Department Stipulations” version.

Counselling: The welfare of the D-HEST scientific staff was one of our priorities, and HAS continued to give support to its members via “Support!Desk”  which is a strictly confidential mediation service where we aim to listen and provide advice in case of conflict, as well as follow-up long term in case this is necessary.

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