Upcoming Events

Join us for a visit to the Kunsthaus Zürich on March 12th, 2022 to see the exhibition “Take Care: Art and Medicine”.  Discuss how the exhibition relates to your work historically and artistically with researchers from other institutes and research groups at our department and potentially uncover collaboration opportunities! 

Join our excursions to broaden your horizon, learn and collaborate with other D-HEST researchers!

Excursions help to broaden the horizon and foster the academic community at D-HEST. Artistic and historical exhibitions and events provide a new perspective for innovative discussion and collaboration approaches.

Career-related events for D-HEST scientific staff

Career-related events provide insights and advice for how to pursue academic and industrial careers for doctoral students and post-doctorates in the field of health sciences and technology. 

Stay up to date for these and other events to come.

For more information about upcoming events, you may check this page or follow us on Twitter or Instagram or contact us at haoss@ethz.ch