HAS Events


We bring people at D-HEST together by regularly organizing events.

  • Join us on October 26th at 18:30 and test what your problem-solving skills are worth outside of the lab! Please send an email to haoss@ethz.ch to briefly let us know if you’d like to participate. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Join us on Saturday December 7th, 2021: a visit to the Kunsthaus Zurich ! Discuss the art of Hodler and Klimt with other doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers at the department of health sciences and technology ! Together see this art like no-one else sees it! Let’s explore Zurich and its culture!
  • Gathertown
  • Online escape room! 
  • Scientific visualisation workshop
  • Intra and interpersonal competences workshop! 
  • Theater in academia!

These events aim to bring the people in the different institutes and research groups at our department together! More discussion means more collaboration and better research! We can learn from each other! Excursions help to broaden the horizon and foster the academic community at D-HEST. Moreover we regularly organize career-related events that aim to provide insights and advice for how to pursue academic and industrial careers for doctoral students and post-doctorates in the field of health sciences and technology.

For more information about upcoming events, see calendar below, register for our newsletter or contact us at haoss@ethz.ch