Filmmaking for Scientists

Filmmaking for Scientists

Our second workshop in the “Science Communication Workshop Series” was “Filmmaking for Scientists” which aimed to teach the basics of filmmaking theory (scriptwriting, storyboarding) and practice (working with camera, light, and sound) as well as film editing and analysis. D-HEST’s scientists practiced writing, designing, shooting, and editing a documentary film about their own research and earned 1 ETCS for their successful participation. We also organized “Networking Aperos and Lunches” during the workshop days, which allowed science communication enthusiasts to connect and exchange while enjoying delicious food and drinks!

Our events in 2022:

  • Hybrid General Assembly and Winter BBQ: 3.02.2022 Thursday at 18:00, the place is tba, zoom ID: 990 190 9909
  • Intra- and Interpersonal Competencies for Academia (by IMPROVATE and an Improtheater-Expert, other details tba)
  • Storytelling for Researchers (by the CATALIST, other details tba)
  • How to interview? – for industry and academia (details tba)
  • Other in-person social gathering events will be announced depending on the coronavirus pandemic

Please contact us directly at to start your HAS journey!

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