Zurich for a Homeless person: a Social walking tour

Zurich for a Homeless person: a Social walking tour

In 2020 a lot of people all over the world are facing uncertainty. This makes us think about the life and challenges of the less socially protected groups especially the homeless. Surprise NGO was founded almost 30 years to support people that lost their homes and jobs. To raise the pulic awareness about the problem, their members give walking tours and share their first hand experience of the life on the streets of Zurich. How does the city, the church or other organization help these people?  How does it affect the design of the public spaces? What else could be done? To learn more about this unconventional side of Zurich, join us for this walking tour!

More information about the tour can be found here 

Date: Wednesday 7 of October

Time: 18:30

Language: German

Price: none 

Location: (tba)

Organizers: AVETH Events

Questions: asycheva@ethz.ch

Registration: here

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