Diversity Library

We have ordered some interesting reads on gender and racism below. If you want to read more, ETH has a diversity page as well where you can find more information. Additionally, here you can find more readings on racism and inclusion in Switzerland, and here is a reading list on science and colonialism.

Gender challenges at ETH

The ratio men and women which attend the counselling services of ETH and UZH can be found in this document Statistics of Counselling Service ETH and UZH 2019

Preliminary results of a survey conducted by VSETH, revealing results on inclusion and gender. Here you can find an overview of the gender ratio at ETH.

Racism at ETH

A news item on racism at ETH.

Racism in science

An article on racism in science, and the necessity of universities to act against it.

It is important to start a conversation on racism in your research group

White men are disproportionately favored over women and black people when evaluating job applications in academic research institutions.

An article on white supremacy at research institutions.

Statistics on racism in Switzerland

Data from the Swiss Federal Institute Against Racism, showing incidents reported by counseling centers in Switzerland in 2019.

A news item on the increase of reported cases of racism in Switzerland.

With a foreign name it is harder to get an apartment viewing, and therefore housing, in Switzerland.

Safe field work for at-risk groups

An article recommending strategies to minimize risk for all individuals conducting fieldwork.

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