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Feel free to reach out directly to one of our teams with any suggestions, comments and/or questions:








Other questions:

Do you want to share your events or other relevant information for the scientific staff through our channels? Look at our communications guidelines and get in touch with

What we do publish:
Tips and tricks, career advice, inspiration, funding opportunities, awards and prizes, competitions, events, activities of partners/  student associations/ student clubs/ departments suited for PhDs and postdocs in Switzerland

What we do not publish:
Job or internship openings, recruiting (please contact Telejob ), ads for services (e.g. consulting, proofreading), ads for research articles or reviews. In such cases we will respond to you by email to explain and may refer you to Telejob if appropriate (jobs/internships).

AVETH publishes content predominantly in English (note that we require clear sentences with correct grammar and spelling) to make it accessible to all our members. In exceptional cases (to be agreed upon with the coordination team), we also consider contents in German.


Please use the subject of your email to inform us about the title of your content and the target AVETH channel(s) (e.g. ETH Anniversary Celebrations / AVETH Newsletter).
Whenever appropriate, we recommend submitting an image along with the text
content. Images should be pre-vetted for public domain use. We also suggest
minimizing the use of text in any image. Must include at least one contact information for our editorial team. Please read our example contents to get a feel for how we communicate with our audience. Please contact our coordination team ( at any time with questions and feedbacks. If your submission meets our requirements, our team will aim to publish it within three to
five working days.

  • Biweekly on Tuesdays
  • Submit by prior Friday
  • Image: max 1, landscape, width at least 620 pix
  • Brief description (125 words)
  • Events: where/when
  • Organizing body, contact, links


  • Images square (for front page) or landscape
  • Title: Short & crisp
  • Bullet list welcome
  • Sign up link/ call to action
  • Social media links
  • Partners/ Associations/ Sponsors


  • 1 image/post, QR code embedded in image (not separate), no stock photos
  • No pdf, ppt, vector or screenshot
  • Character limits, hashtags
  • Complete info: sign-up links, date & time, deadlines
  • Link to any existing posts for reposting
  • Account handles for tagging

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