Wikimedia platforms and the academia

by Alessandro Marchetti

organised in association with AMB

The 3-day workshop focuses on the role of Wikimedia platforms in the current ecosystem of research, specifically English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons (file archive) and Wikidata (structured metadata). It will be structured in small teaching blocks of a few hours. The main topics will be the general architecture of the Wikimedia platforms, the key aspects of copyright laws, the writing of scientific articles on English Wikipedia, the metrics and strategy for dissemination of scientific results to the general public, the new frontiers of open-access bibliometry and the gender-gap initiatives in the scientific field related to Wikimedia platforms. It will conclude with an edit-a-thon on the last day.
The introductory lecture is open to all, and it is mandatory for participants of the modules. Participants can sign up for one or more modules and each session can be attended individually. The seats for the modules are limited and will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis. Deadline for registration is October 20th 2019.

October 28th, Monday               HIL E 4
14:00 – 17:00 General knowledge about Wikimedia Platforms (open to everyone)
October 29th, Tuesday               HIT F 31.2
09:00-11:00 Module 1: Copyright
11:00-13:00 Module 2: Wikimedia Commons
14:00-16:00 Module 3: Outreach and Wikimedia Platform
16:00-18:00 Module 4: Wikidata and Bibliometry
October 30th, Wednesday          HIT F 31.2
09:00-10:00 Gender gap activity: Breakfast and gender equality in Wikimedia
10:00-18:00 Edit-a-thon: Writing scientific articles on English Wikipedia

About Alessandro Marchetti:

Expert Wikimedia user, member of WikiDonne user group, Wikimedia Italia, Wikimedia CH, of the new WikiClassics and Science&Wiki initiatives, coordinator for Wiki Loves Monuments in Tuscany and Umbria, coordinator for Wiki Science Competition 2017 and 2019, participants in various edit-a-thons in different fields (Embassy of Sweden in Rome, Goethe Institut Milan, Uffizi Gallery, Adolphe Merkle Institute

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