Day: May 29, 2021

Congratulations to Dr. Gabriele Fontana for receiving the first James Mitchell award!

Dr. Gabriele Fontana, Postdoctoral researcher at the Laboratory of Toxicology, was awarded the first James Mitchell Award for Excellence in Collaborative Science The award commemorates the late Professor James R. Mitchell…
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Revised Ordinance on Doctoral Studies!

Revised Ordinance on Doctoral Studies will be discussed with work group of HAS representatives in June and is planned to come into effect on 1st October 2021 2 thesis exam…
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Warm welcome to Prof Andrea Alimonti and Prof Nicholas Bokulich

Prof Andrea Alimonti and Prof Nicholas Bokulich will give their inaugural lectures on November 24th

Congratulations to Prof. Manfred Sigrist !

We look forward to working together!

Thank you to Prof Erich Windhab and Prof Michael Kreuzer who both retire end of July

We at HAS thank them for great contributions to ETH, the D-HEST community and their scientific fields! Prof Erich Windhab will give his farewell lecture on September 21st . Prof…
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Working from home no longer compulsory

Following the latest decisions by the Federal Council, the requirement for ETH employees to work remotely from home is being cautiously relaxed. The university’s own testing programme launched back in…
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Report from D-HEST Departmental Conference (DK) on May 20th, 2021

Departmental conferences determine the future of D-HEST and you can shape that future with us, HAS ! We send 5 representatives to each DK who each have one vote. Join…
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